Colourful layered diamond graphic print
Colourful layered diamond graphic print

Triangle Composition

Abstract Series
<p>Part of our Abstract series, &#8220;Triangle Composition&#8221; features irregular triangles and diamond shapes which come together in a harmonious tapestry of colour.</p>
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Gradient from red warm tones to cool colours representing a sun on the sea
Curvature design in a rich blue and rust colour way
Circulus design consisting of overlapping spheres in vivid pinks and teal
Abstract square composition with crossed squares in pink on a teal background
Black and white stripes form a wave
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Construct Ellis Edition artwork with green, pink and teal geometric boxes
A wave of blue tones with gold strokes outlining. The inner section is a vivid red.
Optic stripe geometric design with coloured vertical lines in harmony to a central circular shape
Overlaid discs of colour in blue and red to form a central lens of purple.
Abstracted line design with weaving form in red, black and pinks
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Elliptical composition with circle cut in half by vibrant red and white
Six crosshatched rectangles in textured greens and yellow against a dark textured background
A three dimensional blue geometric shape against a dark textured background
Liquid colours drip down the artwork in vivid red, blue, pinks and yellow.
Colourful curved lines weave across this print in pink, green, blue and gold.
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