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Inspired by ancient narratives and mythological figures, the richly themed Bacchanalia restaurant recently opened in Mayfair, London.
<p>Influenced by legends of ancient civilisations, this transportive dining experience was named to encompass the Roman gatherings of Dionysus, the god of ecstasy and wine.</p> <p>Our brief involved the creation of premium branding, launch visuals, and cohesive collateral across both print and digital platforms. We particularly enjoying developing the Berkeley Square hoarding, standing at 5m tall and edge lit with 3-Dimensional hand painted ancient statues.</p>
Photography by Bacchanalia / Adam Ellis Studio
Bacchanalia sculpture cocktail topper
Bacchanalia oil jug being hand painted by the Adam Ellis team
Full hoarding scheme at Bacchanalia in Mayfair, London
Bacchanalia branded red wine bottle
Bacchanalia hoarding with hand painted sculptures
Bacchanalia restaurant ceiling