Window artwork displayed on the corner of the building. Two giant swirls of gold explode up the 5m tall glass and advertise The Ivy Tower Bridge opening information

Caprice Group Hoardings

Print & Branding
A collection of various hoarding designs for the Caprice group brands including The Ivy Collection, Harry's Dolce Vita and Ivy Asia.
<p>Each design creates maximum impact whilst sites are in construction. The external displays are created for a range of spaces, hoardings can be over 100m long, over 5m tall, or stretched banners across an entire building.</p> <p>Our expert team of surveyors, designers and installers ensure complex signage is displayed coherently across multiple mediums and adhere to brand recognition.</p>
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The famous Dublin doors inspired the artwork displayed in the windows. Intricate Georgian-style window decorations are outlined in a gold metallic and window panes are filled with blues and pinks.
Large diamond patterns criss cross over the hoarding artwork. Each diamond panel is filled with the Harry's teal colour and Italian inspired photography from the 1950s.
Hoarding artwork displays dramatic winged angels playing instruments over a nighttime view of London. The angel wings are coloured in vivid pinks, golds, cyan and green.
Over 5 metre tall hoarding outside the restaurant. 4 large dragons in pink, green, gold and orange are wrapped in a delicate blue ribbon. The Ivy logo and opening information is displayed in black plaques outlined in gold metallic. The messaging is written in English and Welsh.
A Geisha and Samurai in asian-inspired patterned robes hold each other.
Train wheels and machinery cogs make up the colourful background to the Granary Square hoarding. Messaging blocks are overlaid with grain botanicals.
A bold black and blue graphic pattern is overlaid with classical sculptures of women, warriors, philosophers and lions. White and Orange passionflowers weave amongst the main features and messaging.
London Ivy canary wharf park external banner artwork
2 large format advertising banners displaying reservation and opening information stretched across the 2nd and 3rd floor windows of the building. The artwork displays the Ivy logo on a background of gold diamonds. Light blue ribbon and hummingbirds interact with the messaging.