The Ivy Asia, St Paul's

<p>Our brief for the newly opened Ivy Asia restaurant overlooking St Paul&#8217;s Cathedral was to help create a beautiful, experiential and immersive environment.</p> <p>This extensive project involved multiple bespoke wallpapers depicting detailed narrative scenes set with rich gold and metallic finishes in flamboyant colours. The huge 35 metre long dragons that race across the ceiling are finished in a shimmering red and gold leaf designed to be visible from street level below.</p> <p>The surrounding restaurant ceilings are wrapped in our black and gold leaf finish developed specifically for this project and overlaid with stalks, monkeys, owls, parrots and pheasants. Japanese koi carp are set into the ceiling of the private dining room in lustrous blues, golds and greens. This richness of detail and colour flows into all aspects of the finished scheme, from the fabrics to the under-lit agate stone floor.</p>
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Gold leaf Samurai artwork
Wallpaper incorporating Asia stalks amongst bamboo stalks for the Ladies powder room walls
Gold leaf bespoke wallpaper on the private dining room doors and ceiling
View across the entrance lobby bespoke wallpaper. Curved bridges with pink railings sit in front of a background of Mount Fiji. Pink cherry blossom trees are hand-painted and printed over the gold leaf metallic material. Courtesan Geishas clothes in intricate kimonos walk amongst Asian Cranes over the bridges.
The Ivy Asia, St Paul's image 4
The Ivy Asia, St Paul's image 5
Looking through the doorway into the Ladies cubicle. Gold wallpaper overlaid with hand-painted bamboo and wisteria in pink and white. A large Asian Crane peeks out of the doorway.
Two Samurai characters brandish swords at each other in this gold panel artwork. Bamboo and cherry blossoms creep into the panel artwork.
Pagoda scene of beautiful Geishas combined with an under-lit agate stone floor
Two immense Koi Carps glide over a brushed gold metallic ceiling in the Private Dining room. Their body and tail consist of teal, pink and green scales.
Gold leaf metallic wallpaper depicting elegant Geishas along the restaurant corridors
The Ivy Asia, St Paul's image 11
Courtesans in beautifully patterned kimonos are displayed on this panel artwork. Printed onto gold metallic and overprinted with vivid colours the surface shimmers with the restaurant lighting.
Asia koi carp artwork created for the private dining room ceiling