Ivy Chelsea Tapestry Design

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

One of the oldest forms of textile art, our bespoke tapestry design at the Ivy Chelsea Garden wraps the Orangery dining space.
<p>Inspired by its prosperous heritage, the artwork depicts scenes from everyday country life.</p> <p>Originating from the Old English term for &#8220;landing place on the river&#8221;, Chelsea was historically a rural market garden on the Thames.</p> <p>Illustrating rolling hills and native English villages, the design nods to the traditional method of woven thread and instead uses a contemporary wallpaper fabric to create this richly furnished interior.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div></div>
Photography by The Ivy Collection
Jacquard tapestry wallpaper detail with horse rider and river scene
Jacquard Tapestry artwork detail with distant landscape and river birds
Jacquard tapestry wrapping London restaurant
Jacquard tapestry reflected in restaurant mirrors
Jacquard tapestry texture details printed to woven grass cloth
The Ivy Chelsea Garden image 5