adam ellis studio london brighton ivy lanes private dining room ceiling fish flying wallpaper ribbon

The Ivy in the Lanes

<p>Our bespoke beach hot house <a href="">wallpaper</a> wraps the entire Ivy Brighton restaurant. Ceiling features include two large amber octopuses and in the private dining room flying fish are set against an azure sky.</p> <p>Artwork themes include sea life, Brighton pier, youth culture, music, and the beach. The ladies powder room is filled with our burnished gold <a href="">wallpaper</a> overlaid with sweet pea and painted magnolia together with life size silhouettes of women in 1920s dress. Each cubicle is individually designed using silver leaf overlaid with English garden flowers and butterflies. Glamour and light fill this beautiful space.</p>
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Panoramic view of the Brighton Pavilion in the private dining room
ivy brighton ladies powder room full gold leaf wallpaper wrap
brighton ivy lanes restaurant ceiling octopus squid wallpaper
ladies gold and silver leaf cubicle wallpaper featuring roses and butterflies
contemporary graphic artwork brighton ivy lanes restaurant panelling
Ivy brighton restaurant beach hot house wallpaper artwork and panels
Ivy Brighton gold leaf wallpaper in ladies powder room featuring 1920s silhouette on sweet pea and hand-painted magnolia
adam ellis studio london archive brighton pavilion kitchen antiquarian vintage print