adam ellis studio design london ivy canary wharf park hoarding artwork

The Ivy in the Park

Print & Branding
Canary Wharf, London
<p>Focusing on exotic fruit and botanical imports from the Canary Islands, artworks of mangoes, bananas, pineapples, papaya and cocoa beans dress the walls. These themes are the perfect antidote to the surrounding high rise and compliment the restaurant&#8217;s location in the leafy Canary Wharf park.</p> <p>In the Ladies washrooms, hot pink banana leaves and painted magnolia sit over our burnished gold leaf <a href="">wallpaper</a>, creating a feel of warmth and glamour. Each cubicle is individually designed with tropical butterflies flying through cool blue Freziera leaves on silver leaf.</p>
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adam ellis studio print design ivy canary wharf park hoarding artwork advertisement
London Ivy canary wharf park external banner artwork
London Ivy canary wharf framed exotic botanical artwork
Ivy park canary wharf menu artwork graphic patterns and botanicals
Ivy Park exotic fruit and botanical artwork
London Ivy Park restaurant wide view framed artwork
London Canary Wharf Ladies wallpaper gold wallpaper with pink palm banana leave and magnolia
Ivy canary wharf park artwork advertisement
Canary wharf artwork advertisement jubilee line canada square shopping centre