Gold wallpaper wraps the walls and ceiling in the Ladies powder room. 3 lit mirrors sit at the end of the room. Burnished gold wallpaper fills the space with a warm amber colour and displays classical sculptures amongst hand-painted pink, yellow and cream roses.

The Ivy Oxford Brasserie

Heavily inspired by the botanical gardens just a short walk from the brasserie, the artwork collection references Oxford academia and local museums such as the Pitt Rivers and the Ashmolean.
<p>We designed a bespoke botanical <a href="">wallpaper</a> to wrap the frieze of the high-ceilinged restaurant featuring dreaming Oxford spires set amongst bold botanicals. For the Ladies powder room we created a classical sculpture garden overlaid with trailing hand-painted botanicals and set against our custom gold leaf.</p> <p>Floor-to-ceiling framed panels decorate the private dining room space. Oversized Toucans perch amongst an abundance of tropical hot house flowers. Our burnished gold leaf metallic ceiling adds the final extravagant touch.</p>
Photography by Name Surname
Large native river birds are framed amongst the restaurant artwork. The gold ceiling contains colourful butterflies and delicate botanicals.
Ivy Oxford restaurant frieze wallpaper with a panoramic view of the sleepy spires and river botanicals
Burnished gold wallpaper detail showing 3 classical sculptures against an etching landscape background and entwined in hand-painted garden roses. Small native birds are flitting amongst the features.
Framed oversized toucans fill the floor to ceiling panelling in the private dining room. A television sits amongst the frames and continues the artwork seamlessly across the screen. The tables are set for a high end dinner service.
Burnt Orange Toucan bird overlaid against a white shadow botanical on black background
Restaurant panelling filled with contemporary artwork. Two Blue pelican heads are a large feature piece. Dining banquettes are in the foreground and many potted plants are positioned around the tables and in front of the framed artwork.
An etching of St Mary's Church, Oxford. The spire sits centrally to the images and people walk amongst the church grounds.
Detail of the gold ceiling coffer artwork. Red, blue and green butterflies flit amongst dark gold delicate botanicals. A gold tile textured background adds depth.
Framed contemporary artwork fills the panelling about the banquette seating. Artwork contains a large lion face, mixed botanicals, and academic professors in graduation ceremony dress.