Black and gold metallic wallpaper surrounding bar area. Design features historical hungarian figures and animals amongst a grove of golden trees

W Budapest Hotel

Our artwork and bespoke wallpapers were inspired by the rich history of the UNESCO heritage site whilst encapsulating the hotel’s ethos ‘Daring Duality’.
<p class="s6"><span class="s5">Throughout this grand building, guest rooms fully embrace the hotel&#8217;s Budapest Gambit design, featuring colourful abstract artwork that celebrates the city&#8217;s national game of chess, alongside bold historical dream-like visions of the city.</span></p> <p class="s6"><span class="s5">The WOW &amp; Extreme WOW bedroom suites are ablaze in our bespoke wallpapers designed to transport guests to the adjacent Hungarian Opera House, which is visible from both rooms.<br /> </span><span class="s5">The immersive spaces are inspired by the grand ceiling fresco of the nearby opera house, depicting Greek gods revelling in music and dance, all delicately accentuated with golden metallic touches. </span></p> <p class="s6"><span class="s5">The adjoining bathrooms are hung with oversized artwork depicting shimmering sea creatures, intertwined with delicate aquatic botanicals.</span></p> <p><span class="s5">For the W Hotel Budapest launch party, Adam Ellis Studio </span><span class="s5">expanded upon</span><span class="s5"> these designs, bringing them to life through bold, eye-catching animations.</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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