View of the Halycon room wallpaper in the shared lounge of moda edinburgh

Moda Living

Various Locations
<p>Located in multiple cities across the UK, Moda Living is the new private rental space with state-of-the-art amenities and a growing community.</p> <p>Expanding beyond the Manchester flagship, Angel Gardens, the sites now include Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Hove, Leeds and Glasgow.</p> <p>Our brief involves the design and curation of key feature pieces for residential apartments and communal spaces. Each site takes inspiration from the local landscape, blending heritage with bold graphics and colours. Custom-made large format pieces and wallpapers complement the premium modernity of the interiors and create an accessible and tailored environment for the community.</p>
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Vertical triptych of graphic seagulls hanging next to a window view of the Lima building
Set of two Seguy inspired insects displayed as large formats in a shared dining space
Ellis Edition in large format hanging above a jazzy velvet sofa
Halcyon wallpaper design filled with colourful kingfishers amongst river reeds and botanicals
split triptych of botanicals above a teal velvet sofa
Moda Living image 5
Detail of the Halcyon room wallpaper in moda edinburgh with kingfisher birds perched on river plants
Moda Living image 7
Moda Living image 8